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What can moderators do?

Moderators of a project can have access to all the contributions on it, including pending contributions that are not yet approved and are invisible to regular users. It’s their job to approve them, and to resolve any issues reported.

Approve contributions

If a project’s settings require every contribution to be approved by a moderator, all pending contributions have a notification with a button “Approve contribution”. Moderators can approve contributions by pressing that button. Before or after the approval process, they can edit any data of the contribution.

Notification message of a pending contribution

Every day a daily digest email is sent to all the moderators and administrators of a project, informing them about new pending contributions, and about any issues reported with the existing ones.

Resolve issues

When a contribution has been reported, moderators must resolve the issues and make an action. They can either edit a contribution, or suspend it. Suspended contributions are no longer visible to the public. Only the creator of a contribution can see suspended contributions and fix any issues associated with those contributions.

Notification message of a reported contribution

Closed issues are always visible in the comments tab, but can also be deleted as if they are regular comments.

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