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↵ Let’s head back and find out how to add contributions

What can be uploaded?

Every contribution can have pictures, videos, also audio files attached to it. They can be viewed by anyone who has access to contributions, but only the creator of that contribution and moderators can add new media.

This additional data can be uploaded either while adding a new contribution, or when the contribution has already been added to the project. Also, any media can be removed from the contribution.

Let’s upload!

Multiple media files can be selected either manually, or by dragging and dropping them on the drop area.

Before the file is uploaded to our servers, it is added to a list of new files. You can change the name of a file, and add an optional description. Each file can then be uploaded individually or all together.

Uploading media files


Uploaded pictures appear on the list of media files straight away. They can be viewed when accessing the contribution’s media tab.

A list of pictures attached to contribution

The creator of a contribution or moderator of the whole project can delete uploaded pictures at any time. Once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered.


Videos take time to process. Even though they are visible on the list of media files together with uploaded pictures, they are not accessible straight away.

Audio files

All audio files are available to play straight away. However, 3gpp and 3gpp2 are converted to mp3 format due to browser compatibility.

What’s next?

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