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Use the map

When the project is loaded, contributions are displayed on the map. We already know that they can be visible either as the shape of a point, a line, or an area. Every shape is a hyperlink to that contribution.

An active contribution is highlighted on the map: if it’s a point, it has a hover around it, otherwise the colour of the contribution changes to bright yellow.

Highlighted contribution on the map

Clicking on a highlighted contribution centres the view. Clicking anywhere else on the map closes the active contribution and returns to the project. From there, other ways of accessing contributions can be explored.

Apply filters

We already know that every contribution belongs to a category, and every category usually has a different icon and colour to separate contributions visually on the map. This is visible on the list of categories.

A list of categories

Every category can be checked or unchecked. That’s how contributions on the map are toggled - this is called filtering by categories.

Filters can do even more magic. With the same technique of checking and unchecking statuses, it is possible to visualise specific contributions, for example only these that are active, or in review. You can also use this to switch between personal and all contributions of a project.

But what are those “statuses”?

To manage the contributions, we use four statuses:

  • Active - contributions which are visible to everyone who has access to a project.
  • Pending - contributions with this status can be seen only by moderators of a project or creators of those contributions. Contributions can be pending either when a project’s settings require all newly added contributions to be checked by moderators before allowing them to be accessible, or when an issue has been reported and the moderator has decided to suspend the contribution.
  • Review - publicly visible contributions but with an issue reported by someone.
  • Draft - only creators can see unfinished and publicly not yet accessible contributions.

Apply subsets

Subsets are predefined rules for displaying contributions. They, for example, can display only contributions, added during the desired period of time.

If a project has any subsets available, a list of them is displayed next to the search input.

A list of subsets

Contributions currently visualised on the map are viewed in a list of contributions. They show the display field, category, author of a contribution, also when it was created.

When searching for specific contributions, the found term is highlighted, and only contributions that match the search criteria are displayed on a list (also on the map).

Searching for specific contributions

What’s next?

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