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What are contributions?

Each project has categories, and every category has contributions which have been added to that project. Again, each contribution can contain text information, images, audio and videos files, comments.

Contributions are added by contributors of a project. If project’s settings allow it, every person accessing that project can be a contributor.

What do they look like?

Added contributions can be visible on the map: either as the shape of an area, a line, or a simple point.


Points are used for mapping single spots on the map; They are visualised as markers and are the same colour as the category used. They can also have an optional icon.

One point on the map

When there are too many points next to each other, they are grouped into clusters. A number on each cluster indicates how many points are grouped together. As you zoom out, points are assigned to fewer clusters. When you zoom in, more clusters appear.

Clusters of several points each


Lines are used for mapping paths, roads, etc. When visualised, they appear as the colour of their selected category.

One line on the map

When drawing a line on a map, points are added alongside the path. Those points are then connected together to form a single line. The shape is finished with a mouse click on a last point.


For mapping bigger objects on the map, areas are used. When visualised, they also appear as the colour of their selected category.

An area on the map

Drawing an area is very similar to drawing a line. The only difference is that the last point of the shape is the first point added. Also areas have backgrounds with the same colour as category chosen.

What’s next?

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